Where can I camp?

Camping is only permitted in the areas shown on the map. Camping is not permitted on the beach or within 10 metres of the cliff edge.

Where can I access the beach from?

Access to the beach is only permitted via the three designated tracks to minimise coastal erosion. Please refer to the map and onsite signage.

Is driving allowed on the beach?

Yes, registered vehicles are permitted on the beach, however driving on the beach at night is not recommended. It is a shared-use beach and conditions of use must be respected. These include using only formed access tracks to minimise coastal erosion, observing a speed limit of 40km/h and driving carefully for public safety.

Am I able to use firearms at Gunn Point?

Use of firearms and hunting at Gunn Point is prohibited. For hunting reserves please click here.

Do you need a permit to visit Gunn Point?

No, Gunn Point is private land available for public use. There are several conditions of use when visiting the Gunn Point Peninsula which are in place to protect the natural environment as well as visitors to the area. Please refer to the ‘Recreation’ page.

Can you swim at Gunn Point or Murrumujuk Beach?

Swimming at Gunn Point Peninsular is not recommended at any time of the year due to the presence of saltwater crocodiles and stingers.

Are there public toilets available?

There are presently no amenities or toilets at Gunn Point. Please be considerate of other visitors. Proper disposal of human waste is important, and this should be buried to avoid pollution.

What is proposed for Gunn Point?

Gunn Point has been earmarked for conservation, recreation and possible future developments including tourism, the township of Murrumujuk and agricultural areas.

Who can I report issues such as rubbish or anti-social behaviour to?

To report an issue, or for more information email nt.landcorporation@ntlandcorp.com.au

For NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services 24 hour assistance call 131 444 (non-emergencies) or 000 (for emergencies only).