There are several conditions of use when visiting the Gunn Point Peninsula. These are in place to protect the natural environment as well as visitors to the area. The NT Land Corporation asks that all visitors respect the conditions of use to ensure that everyone can safely visit and enjoy Gunn Point.

Access to and use of the area is entirely at your own risk and subject to the following conditions.

Camping and Day Use

Camping at Gunn Point is not permitted on the beach or on the cliff edges.

The following conditions of use apply:

  • All rubbish and waste must be taken with you when you leave. Please bring rubbish bags with you as there are no bins or waste facilities.
  • It is illegal to ride unregistered quad bikes, ATVs and buggies on public roads or places, including beaches – therefore it is prohibited at Gunn Point. For information, visit the Road Safety NT All-Terrain Vehicles website here.
  • There is no drinking water available. Ensure you bring enough water for your stay.
  • There are no toilet facilities. Proper disposal of human waste is important, and this should be buried to avoid pollution and in consideration of others.
  • Campfires must be kept small and properly extinguished after use. Please be sure to check and abide by fire warnings and fire bans.
  • Vehicles must remain on established tracks to ensure that environmentally significant areas are protected, and for your own safety. Unsealed roads and tracks are not maintained and prone to washing out during the wet season.
  • To protect the cliff faces from coastal erosion, driving over the cliff faces onto Murrumujuk Beach is not permitted.
  • Please respect fellow visitors and campers. Excessive noise, anti-social behaviour or disturbance of others is prohibited and should be reported to police.
  • Use of firearms and hunting at Gunn Point is prohibited. For hunting reserves please click here.

Murrumujuk Beach

Murrumujuk Beach is a 5.5 km stretch of beach located on the western side of the Gunn Point Peninsula. While driving on the beach is permitted, access to the beach is via three designated points and access to the beach over the cliff face is not permitted.

The northern and southern beach areas are separated by a tidal creek. The depth of the creek is continually changing and crossing the creek should only be attempted at low tide by 4WD vehicles and experienced drivers, and is at your own risk.

The following conditions of use apply to Murrumujuk Beach:

  • Camping on Murrumujuk Beach is not permitted.
  • When camping above the beach, please set up your camp a minimum of 10 metres back from the cliff edge to protect the cliffs from coastal erosion.
  • Driving on Murrumujuk Beach is at your own risk and registered vehicles only are allowed. Drivers are urged to drive with care at all times. Driving on the beach at night is not recommended. Serious accidents have occurred driving on the beach and there are no lifesaving or medical facilities in the area.
  • Unregistered vehicles, including quad bikes, ATVs and buggies are not permitted (refer NT Traffic Act and Motor Vehicles Act). More information is available from
  • Murrumujuk Beach is a shared access area. To ensure the safety of people, horses and dogs on the beach please drive carefully and observe a 40km/h speed limit.
  • Hooning, racing and reckless driving on the beach or the road is prohibited and the speed limit must be observed.
  • Unsealed roads and tracks are not maintained and driving is prohibited, other than on formed roads and the beach.

Saltwater Crocodiles, Stingers and Unsafe Beach Conditions

Swimming anywhere at Gunn Point Peninsula is not recommended at any time of the year due to the likely presence of saltwater crocodiles and stingers. The beach areas of Gunn Point Peninsula are not patrolled and saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) are known to inhabit the area.

Stingers (box jellyfish, Chironex fleckeri) occur in top end waters and are generally present between October and May, however they can be found all year.

The sea along Murrumujuk Beach can become very rough during the wet season. Storms, cyclones and monsoonal weather can make the beach unsafe. As there are no lifesaving or medical facilities in the area, swimming at Gunn Point is not recommended.

Horses and Dogs

Horses and dogs are both allowed at Gunn Point Peninsula.

Horse riding is permitted at Gunn Point Peninsula including on Murrumujuk Beach. The best area for parking and beach access is the first turn off Murrumujuk Road, closest to the Tree Point Conservation Area.

Dogs are allowed to be off the leash, but please ensure they are under your control and that you adhere to responsible pet management. It is strongly recommended that dogs are tied up at your campsite at night time.

Events and Activities

Gunn Point is occasionally used as a landing site for helicopters and other light aircraft, and has been used for weddings and outdoor events.  These activities continue to be allowed as long as they do not impact on the natural environment, or the experience and safety of other visitors. Please note that large outdoor events and private events such as weddings or corporate occasions, require prior permission from the NT Land Corporation.


The Gunn Point Peninsula, and in particular Murrumujuk Beach, is a popular place to celebrate Territory Day.  Visitors are able to let fireworks off on Murrumujuk Beach in accordance with the Territory Day regulations. Fireworks may be permitted for other special community events, however appropriate approvals must be sought. Please respect the environment and wildlife and ensure you take all your rubbish and any unused fireworks with you.

Gunn Point Prison

Established in 1972 to manage overcrowding at Fannie Bay Goal, the Gunn Point Prison Farm was operational until 1995 and served as one of the Northern Territory’s minimum-security prisons.

The old Gunn Point Prison site is managed by the Northern Territory Department of Infrastructure Planning and Logistics. No access is permitted to the remaining buildings. Asbestos may be present in and around these structures.

Tree Point Conservation Area

Tree Point Conservation Area, managed by the Parks, Wildlife and Heritage Division of the Department of Tourism, Sport and Culture, protects a coastal strip of Shoal Bay on the Tree Point Peninsula and a large mangrove habitat with a tidal creek, which runs towards the Shoal Bay Coastal Reserve. The Conservation Area is fringed by coastal vine thicket and a swampy floodplain, which hosts a number of bird species at various times of the year.

Please note:

  • Camping is not permitted in the Tree Point Conservation Area, including on the beach.
  • Driving on the beach is not permitted in the Tree Point Conservation Area.
  • Dogs must be on a leash and under control within the Tree Point Conservation Area.

The Reserve is day use only and is a great spot for walking, bird watching or fishing. A small carpark is provided at the back of the beach near the entrance of the Reserve with easy walking access to the beach. There are no toilet facilities or drinking water available. There are private residences towards the southern end of the reserve. Please respect the residents’ rights to privacy.

For more information on the Tree Point Conservation Area please see the Fact Sheet.