Boating and Fishing

Leaders Creek Fishing Base

Leaders Creek Fishing Base is located along Leaders Creek Road, a right hand turn off Gunn Point Road when travelling from Darwin. Leaders Creek Fishing Base is an ideal jump off point to the Vernons, Melville and Ruby Islands, Cape Hotham, the blue holes, Saltwater Arm and the mouth of the Adelaide River or the 15 km of adjoining sheltered waterways where you will find a wide range of tropical sports fish and mud crabs.

Leaders Creek Fishing Base has a boat ramp with tidal access above 2m, 24 hour and secure compound for parking your car and accommodation options (note: fees apply). For further details click here.

Saltwater Arm Boat Ramp

Saltwater Arm boat ramp is located approximately 17 km off Gunn Point Road and the boat ramp can be accessed at 2.8m low tide. The turn off to Saltwater Arm boat ramp is about 2 km before the Leaders Creek ramp.

Allow approximately an hour and a half after the Darwin tide times for the Saltwater Arm boat ramp. Tide times for Darwin can be can found here.

Refer below map for how to get to Leaders Creek and Saltwater Arm.

Gunn Point fishing and boating map